Our Rivers Need You

The Midlands' defining feature is its system of rivers flowing through it. Our Rivers provide precious drinking water, extraordinary recreational opportunities and valuable wildlife habitat. Having such rich natural resources running right through our metropolitan area makes us unique. However, our Rivers suffer the consequences of urbanization, from sewer overflows to heavy metal contamination to bacteria-laden stormwater runoff. If we don't call attention to these problems and find ways to solve them, we end up tainting the very thing that makes our home special. Water pollution causes harm in many ways. Polluted rivers impair our health. Too much bacteria in our rivers can cause swimmers to get sick, and mercury in our rivers make some fish unsafe to eat more than once a week. Polluted rivers impair our quality of life. No one wants to play in smelly, foul water and no community finds dirty water to be an asset in terms of attracting jobs. Water pollution ultimately takes money out of our pocketbooks when our cities and counties must pay more to clean up our rivers. So, stand for our Rivers. Join Congaree Riverkeeper.