January Water Quality Results

At the end of January we conducted our first round of water quality sampling of 2017. The results at all 10 samples sites were below the state standard for E.coli of 349/100mL. This marks the fist time since we started sampling in 2012 that all of our sample results met the state water quality standard for contact recreation.

Sample Site E.coli Result Date Sampled
Congaree River 36.4 01/31/17
Saluda at I-20 107.6 01/30/17
Saluda at Saluda Shoals 12.1 01/30/17
Broad River 23.1 01/31/17
Gills Creek 178.0 01/31/17
Rocky Branch 91.0 01/31/17
Smith Branch 290.9 01/31/17
Stoops Creek 127.05 01/30/17
12 Mile Creek 235.9 01/30/17
Crane Creek 214.3 01/30/17

Click the map above to view the sample locations and results.

There's not really much to talk about here. We only received a trace amount of rain the last few days of January, so stormwater runoff was not a significant factor. There were sewer spills reported on Crane Creek and Little Jackson Creek (a tributary to Gills Creek) on January 23rd, and several other SSOs  reported earlier in the month , but apparently these spills did not have a significant impact on the samples collected.

It is important to remember that these bacteria samples only reflect a snapshot in time at a specific location. Water quality conditions could be very different just a short time later or a little further downstream.